Monday, October 1, 2007

Unconditional Love

The other day someone commented to me that not everyone is cut out to raise a child with Down Syndrome, which to them justified abortion when there has been a pre-natal diagnosis. This really made me think, and it has been bothering me ever since.

What afterall, do people think it takes to raise a child with a disability. It sure takes a whole lot of love, but you need that to raise any child. It takes a willingness to stand up for your child, to search for the best ways to deal with the child's individual issues, and to fight for the best life possible for your child. Again, these are not qualities that differ from those needed to raise a "typical" child. It seems to me that anyone who can do a good job of being a parent, can do a good job of raising a child with down syndrome. After all, most people have no idea what they have the capacity to do in any field until they are placed in a position that they need to do something. It seems that saying, "I just don't have what it takes" is a bit of a cop out. A lot of a cop out really. To just excuse oneself from the inconvenience of a less than perfect child at the cost of another persons life seems to be the most unfathomable act of selfishness on this earth.

What people don't realise too is that people with Down Syndrome can have a really good, happy, fulfilled life. Like any person, childhood can be filled with love and laughter and accomplishment. People with down syndrome can learn and read and grow into independent adults with stable loving relationships. They don't suffer from Down Syndrome, only from society's intolerance, ignorance and predjuce.

I guess that is a lot of what this blog will be about. That, and life with my other 6 beautiful children and a truly wonderful husband. Perhaps no-one will ever read this, but hopefully I will have the self-discipline to continue anyway!!